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7.32 / 10  |  77,617 votes
Alternative Name : 幼なじみが絶対に負けないラブコメ, The Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose!, Osamake
Genre : Harem, Comedy, Romance, School
Status : Currently Airing
Type : TV
Jumlah Episode : 12
Mulai Tayang : 2021-04-14
Jadwal Tayang : Hari Rabu jam 21:00 (JST)
Views : 8017880218
Subtitle : Indonesia
Sinopsis : My childhood friend Shida Kuroha seems to have feelings for me. She lives next door, and is small and cute. With an outgoing character, she's the caring Onee-san type, this being one of her greatest strengths. ...But, I already have my first love, the beautiful idol of our school, and the award-winning author, Kachi Shirokusa! Thinking about it rationally, I should have no chances with her, but, while walking home from school, she only talks to me, with a smile even! I might actually have a chance, don't you think?! Or so I thought, but then I heard that Shirokusa already has a boyfriend, and my life took a turn for the worse. I want to die. Why is it not me?! Even though she was my first love... As I was drowning in despair and depression, Kuroha whispered. —If it's that tough for you, then how about we get revenge? The best revenge ever, that is~
Sub : Indonesia
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