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Alternative Name : Yuri is My Job!, 私の百合はお仕事です!, Schwestern in Liebe!, Watayuri
Genre : Comedy, Girls Love
Status : Currently Airing
Type : TV
Jumlah Episode : 12
Mulai Tayang : 2023-04-06
Jadwal Tayang : Hari Kamis jam 22:30 (JST)
Views : 1532115361
Subtitle : Indonesia
Sinopsis : Life appears promising for Hime Shiraki, a girl with good grades, a flawless reputation, and a cute face to top it all off. As long as she can keep up her picture perfect facade, she will be able to accomplish her dream: to be loved by everyone and become the trophy wife of a billionaire. On a day like any other, Hime slips down a flight of stairs and lands on top of Mai Mikoshiba, injuring the latter's arm. It turns out that Mai is the manager of a cafe, and the injury will make work impossible for her. It is decided that while Mai recovers, Hime will have to replace Mai at Café Liebe, which boasts an all-girls academy theme. Despite causing Mai's injury, Hime is accepted by the other staff members, with the exception of one girl who seems to hate her for reasons unknown. Hime becomes terrified that this girl has seen past her facade, which reminds her of a troubling event in her past.
Sub : Indonesia
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