Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Episode 8 Subtitle Indonesia

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Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Episode 8 Subtitle Indonesia

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Mahoutsukai Reimeiki
6.61 / 10  |  52,189 votes
Nama Anime : Mahoutsukai Reimeiki
Alternative Name : The Dawn of the Witch, 魔法使い黎明期
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Type : TV
Jumlah Episode : 12
Jadwal Tayang : Hari Jumat jam 01:58 (JST)
Subtitle : Indonesia
Sinopsis : The war that raged between the Church and the Witches for five centuries finally ended in peace but a few short years ago. However, nestled in the shadowy places of the world, the embers of that age old conflict still smolder. Attending the Royal Academy of Magic of the Kingdom of Wenias is a struggling student named Sable, who has no memories of his time before being enrolled. At the command of Headmaster Albus, he left the Kingdom to travel to the southern reaches of the continent, where anti-magic insurgents are still a force to be reckoned with, as part of a special training regimen. Accompanying him are a party of individuals strong in both ability and personality; there's the one known as the Witch of the Dawn, Roux Cristasse, who seeks the forbidden knowledge of primeval magic in the "Grimoire of Zero," the genius girl Holtz, as well as the school's sole beast, Kudd. Just what truth shall they uncover in their journey to the south...?

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